Badger Byt

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Stand above the Competition

Badger Byt Series W

White encasing to elevate the colors that burst out from under each key. If bright and vibrant lights are what attract you, this keyboard is sure to catch your eye. Built with the same level precision as our best selling Series B.

Badger Byt Series B

The original, highly revered, Badger Byt Series B. A mechanical keyboard built for only the most competitive gamers in any online lobby. Each keystroke gives the sense of connection to the online world you'll be immersed in.

Fantastic mechanical keyboard. I ordered mine 6 months ago and still works perfect!

Edward M.

Super neat! Super great for longterm use. 10/10 would recommend especially for the price.

Nathan G.

Ordered as a gift for my 17 year old son and he loves it! Spends all his time playing shooters.

Brandon H.